Le Mani Moto was Birthed in the Heart and Mind of a Designer and Artist with a Love and Affinity for all things Vintage, Classic, Venerable and of Fine Quality. A Passion for Riding, Tinkering With and Studying the History of- Fine Early 1900’s Motorbikes of all Marques, drove him to create a Brand and Collection of Motorbikes and Wares that pay tribute to that Era when a tremendous amount of pride and effort was deposited into every detail of what that community put their hands to.

Mechanical Kinetic Works of Art with a Fusion of Period Correct Details, Materials, Finishes and Techniques- Blended together with 21st Century Technology and Sensibility.

Our Desire and Objective is to offer Fine Motorbikes that bear resemblance to Notable Racers of the past that have been rescued and restored and elevated to the stature of their former splendor.

Finely Designed and Crafted "Motocicli" that our devotees will be Proud to Ride, Display and Add to their Stable.

This is our Offering and Tenet

Le Mani Moto

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